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Mastermind Sessions

Monthly members-only mastermind sessions focused on investing fundamentals

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Property Tours

Tour local investment properties and gain first-hand knowledge of the investment industry

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Talk business and connect with other local investors on our private social network

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Why Join The Truly Invested Network?

Why join our Winnipeg real estate club

Ongoing Help And Support

Our events are designed to help you gain an insider's point of view of how the real estate industry actually works. Our members-only mastermind sessions are open, interactive and full of discussions. Members who are actively investing in the local real estate market are encouraged to share their knowledge and experience for all to learn.

Learn By Seeing and Doing

It is always good to read and talk about investing in real estate, but wouldn't it be better to see an investment project up close and personal? Regardless of the investment strategy, our members are always working on investment projects (such as flips, infill development or rental properties) throughout the city. Investment property tours are a great way to learn about the business without having to spend thousands of dollars to do so.

Why join our Winnipeg real estate club
Why join our Winnipeg real estate club

Get The Right Information

Real estate investing does not have to be difficult or complicated. However, most investors fail because they either start investing without the proper knowledge or worse, they hire a "Coach" only to get taken for tens of thousands of dollars. Here at Truly Invested, we take pride in providing our members with well-researched materials, online resources and lots of networking opportunities to help create a positive environment for business.

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"The goal in real estate is to first generate capital, then hold or lend to create wealth and passive income"

- Truly Invested

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