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    • Wednesday, February 20, 2019
    • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • 999 Sargent Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

    Are you considering real estate investing as a full-time career? Whether you plan to fix-and-flip, buy-and-hold or buy-renovate-rent-and-refinance, your real estate ventures will benefit from new perspectives on how to maximize cashflow.


    Some investors get into real estate for long-term gain, while others aim to make large profits in short order. Regardless of their goals, any investor may find themselves at the point where they are asset-rich and cash-poor, and struggling to find ways to take advantage of new opportunities. Our February presentation, The Blueprint to 5K in Real Estate Cashflow, will give you the tools to reach your long- and short-term financial goals.

    This month's meeting will be led by Erwin Bueckert, Real Estate Investor and Author of Communicate Your Legacy, a guide to creating a better future for yourself. He has been in construction and real estate for over 20 years, and as a result has learned a lot of the intricacies that exist inside of these industries.  

    Erwin teaches entrepreneurs, real estate investors and business owners how to enhance their sales and negotiation skills through powerful yet simple communication techniques. He has the ability to break these principles down to the simplest form, which allows anyone to become a proficient communicator.


    To reward our members for taking action towards their real estate investment goals, one of our members will win a copy of Hold: How to Find, Buy and Rent Houses for Wealth by Steve Chader, Jennice Doty, Jim McKissack and Linda McKissack at this month's meeting.

    Not yet a member? Not to worry. Non-members will be entered in a draw for a door prize. And remember, your first meeting is always free!


    Don't forget to bring a guest or business partner to this month's meeting. Hope to see you there, and happy investing!

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